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  • Limited to 10 pieces worldwide
  • Sex: Unisex (Model size M)
  • Color: Silver
  • Origin: Made in Germany, Finished in Austria
  • Content: 100% stainless steel, with some rubber and cotton
  • Donations: 10% of the price are donated to Pure Earth
  • Emissions: We offset this products CO2 emissions
  • Shipping: After 2 weeks (made-to-order). Free shipping for orders above 50€ (EU) or 100$ (international)
  • Agent-Badge: is included in your first order (handmade out of tin - every piece unique)
  • Recycling/Reuse: You can either sell the item for reuse, ship it back to us and we cover the fees or bring it to a metal recycling company close to you
  • Washing: Of course you can NOT wash the item in a washing machine, instead use a dish sponge and eco household cleaners. 
  • Important: Do not wear the piece for long periods of time. Do not wear the piece on bare skin in the sunlight or make sure to take it off if it gets too hot or cold.


Our armour is cut and finished in Austria by the artist Martijn Straatman ( and the ring mesh is created by Ziegler Metallgewebe in Germany. They are covering 45% of their energy consumption from their own solar panels and to offset the other 55% of CO2 emissions involved in the creation of our armour and components, we are estimating their impact and purchasing CO2 allowances. Additionally we are planting 10 trees for every armour piece sold, through trustworthy programs. The stainless steel of our product can be fully recycled and the metal badge (tin) too, which is accounted for in our CO2 estimation and the rubber/cotton band is able to biodegrade.  


Our armour is Unisex. The ring mesh is made out of stainless steel with outer ring size 7mm, inner size 5,4mm and 0,8mm diameter and the mesh weighs 3.15kg/sqm. The outer lines are finished with a cotton/rubber band. The model (170cm) displayed above has a medium stature and the piece can be worn from both sides. The armour vest is the right choice as a flashy outfit for occasions where you want to stand out and be noticed.


We are producing the items only after you have fallen in love with them. This means they are specifically handmade for you and we never create any waste from dead stock. The production process only takes 2 weeks until the items are shipped.