Raw Fiction

We are two fashion enthusiasts, who kept on talking about founding a fashion label for years. Then it happened. 

We have been constantly on the lookout for new black pieces that are affordable. But as environmentally friendly dudes, it was nearly impossible to find pieces we like. Either they looked awesome but were too expensive or sweatshop work, or they were produced in an ethical way while looking awful. With Marcel having an education in fashion design, and me (Raphael) in business administration, it was obvious. We need to found a fashion label. 

The idea still needed some fine tuning, but one thing was certain. We are going to produce socially responsible, ecological and vegan. Guilt-free was the motto. But passively not adding to our worlds problems was not enough for us. We needed to take action. This is why we now theme our collections with different issues across the globe and support NGO's that tackle these problems. 

By now, you can purchase our guilt-free collections and artworks in your favourite allblack-style and support trustworthy NGO's at the same time.