We believe that 

humans have to care about animals

humans have to care about each other

humans have to care about the environment

The fashion industry is built around a system of exploitation. The majority of workers are underpaid and can’t even afford basic needs, many of them being women and children. Even with extensive overtime the legal wage rarely corresponds to the living wage. At the same time the environment is suffering. Cotton fields are sprayed with pesticides, toxic colors are washed into rivers, the electricity used is often “dirty” and the list still continues. 

The same fashion industry is also stimulating demand for greater profit. New collections are released faster than ever and trends constantly need to change so that the customer is already out of fashion 1 month later. During that time the clothes are going to be washed several times and microplastic fibres will reach our water eventually, entering our ecosystem. At the end of the day, these clothes are thrown away and most of them are not even recyclable as they contain polyester mixed with other fibres. While there are some brands that do things right, the majority of the fashion industry still seems to have greenwashing as the only answer or they don’t even pretend to care at all. Luckily more and more innovators throughout the supply chain are appearing and enable us to deliver a sustainable and socially responsible product. We carefully select our fabrics with GOTS certification or better and preferably produced in Europe, to guarantee sustainability and social standards during the whole process of creating that fabric. Our garments are then handmade in Vienna to guarantee high social standards and quality. For each component we are always selecting the most sustainable solution that fits our criteria and we do not use any plastic anywhere. 

This way our clothes are fully biodegradable as they are made out of organic fibres. Most components are made out of metal and can be recycled and some buttons are made out of vegetable ivory. To offset the CO2 emissions of our products and activities we are buying CO2 allowances from trustworthy offset-projects. We think that a company is only sustainable if it doesn’t produce harmful products, if it delivers something of value and if it supports the community with what it does. That is why we provide you with clean fashion and support important causes with 10% of each sale.  

Our production partners: 

Dalla BekleidungsgmbH - 1020, Vienna (Austria)

Lemoni Fashion - 91-408, Lodz (Poland)

Our fabrics and yarn sourcing: 

Ecological Textiles - 6045, Roermond (Netherlands)