Social injustice

Most people of color had to directly face racial discrimination at least once in their life. But racism is much more than tokenism, racial slurs, or violence. It has historically become a big part of how society is functioning, deeply engraved into laws, worldviews, practices and institutions. Structural, institutional and individual racism are closely working together, in order to provide people of color with a big list of disadvantages, injustices and mindblowers, which they then need to deal with. 


A lack of solidarity, education/knowledge and actively racist, institutionalized agendas are the main reasons, keeping this form of discrimination still alive today. We as a label and individuals, stand by in solidarity with every victim of racial discrimination, every time of the year. In order to actively work against racism, we've decided to donate 10% of our whole collection to the European Network Against Racism, as well as 25% of the price from our Martin Luther King shirt, which is permanently available in our store from now on. 


What exactly is ENAR doing? 

  • ENAR advocates and campaigns for better EU anti-racism policies and legislation
  • ENAR connects grass-roots organisations and top decision-makers
  • ENAR builds bridges between ethnic/religious communities
  • ENAR creates synergies between the private sector, academia and NGOs
  • ENAR brings change at the local level
  • ENAR monitors trends in racism and offers solutions

- European Network Against Racism