Pride MEETS Micro Rainbow

Cast aside from society.

Until this day,many LGBTI’s around the globe are being cast aside from their peers when outing themselves. Prejudices are what is left, after mixing a spicy stew out of misguided beliefs, indoctrination, social dependence, self-hate and sometimes religious fanaticism. This does not just stop by families casting out their own children. 

Criminalized and killed.

Whole societies follow their scammy leaders, when it comes to violently persecuting LGBTI’s for “being different”. Some countries even claim, not to have homosexual residents, while silently killing them or chasing them out of the country. Today 68 countries still criminalize LGBTI. With our collection we want to gather donations to make a difference and raise awareness about the life threatening conditions for LGBTI's at the same time. Because LGBTI’s are still marginalized and harassed when reaching their final Asylum destination, we chose Micro Rainbow as our partner NGO for the Pride Collection.  


Asylum and LGBTI.

“When they come to the UK they are still not safe. Because of their sexuality, gender identity, gender expression or intersex status they often:

  • are abused in refugee accommodation by other refugees who often come from the same countries they are escaping from
  • become homeless and depressed
  • are rejected by their ethnic community and live in poverty” - Micro Rainbow